Social Media Boot Camp: Southern Mississippi

IMG_8578It’s always great to get back to Hattiesburg, a city where I spent four years of my life. Southern Miss will always be special to me, so to be able to go back there and help today’s student-athletes navigate the media/social media waters is rewarding.

I did four separate sessions over five hours on Monday — volleyball, men’s basketball, softball and football. As a bonus, I ran into former Southern Miss quarterback Lee Roberts, who played the position when I was in college and working at the local TV station. Lee now is the color analyst for the Southern Miss football radio broadcasts. I remember people close to the team saying he was the best practice quarterback they’d seen in a long time and all he needed was a shot. Well, ineffective quarterback play gave him his shot and he only turned into arguably the second-best quarterback in Southern Miss history, behind that guy who wore number four.  

Social Media Boot Camp: Southeastern Louisiana

IMG_8522I visited the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University Monday night to talk to around 400 student-athletes about interacting with the media and using social media properly. The Student Union building, which is only a couple of years old, is amazing. Plenty of “name brand” food options and a real feeling of community for the students who gather there. It was my first time on the SLU campus and what they’ve done there in recent years is really impressive. 

After my hour-long presentation, SLU director of athletics Jay Artigues told me, “This is exactly what we needed.”

Thanks to Jay for making social media education a priority for student-athletes at Southeastern. Lion Up!

Social Media Boot Camp college tour

BvWXMnRIAAA1yK6When a student-athlete accepts a college scholarship, it becomes about much more than just the individual. He or she represents a university, a head coach and a team. The last thing a coach or school administration should have to worry about is a student-athlete becoming a game-week distraction because of something posted on social media. And it has happened. Countless times. 

I’ll be visiting some college campuses this month to help student-athletes learn to excel on social media and make it a valuable resource rather than a negative distraction. I cover topics such as: Your Brand, The Media and You, Social Media, Avoiding Controversy, Mistakes Athletes Make, Social Media Stupidity, Dumb Tweets, Going Viral and a customized social media analysis of student-athletes’ social media accounts.

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