Why working for myself was difficult at first


My last day at WDSU was July 27, I took a few days off, then started my new job: Media Consultant.

Scott Walker Consulting opened its figurative doors on August 1 after many months of planning and preparation. The nearly four months that have passed since then have been quite a learning experience for me. The biggest challenge early on was managing my days. In the TV news world, everything usually happens in one day.  It’s a deadline-driven environment with several daily deadlines, most of which never carry over to the next day. The pressure is constant and it all revolves around the clock.

My new reality moved me away from that and toward a week that needed to be managed by day over the course of five days. My solution after a few frustrating weeks, during which I felt like I was always trying to do too much, was a week-at-a-glance sheet. It saved me. 

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